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iPho Menu

•(A1) Eggrolls  (Pork,  Beef, Veggie)                                                                $2.75

•(A3) SpringRolls (Shp, pork, chicken, Veg, Avavado, Tofu)                        $3.95
•(A5) Dumplings (CK or Veg)  (Steam or Deep Fried )                         $4.95
•(A6) Edamame – Regular                                                                                   $3.25
•(A8)Crabmeat Rangoon (6ct.)                                                                        $4.95

A traditional Vietnamese broth infused with herbs, onions & beef bones. Serve with rice noodles, green and red onions, and your choice of topping.

•(P1) Beef Brisket                                                                                                    $8.25
•(P2) Beef Round-Eye                                                                                            $8.25
•(P3) Meatballs                                                                                                         $8.25
•(P4) Chicken – Pho Ga                                                                                         $8.25
•(P5) Veggie/Tofu (veggie broth)                                                                    $8.25
•(P6) Shrimp-                                                                                                             $9.25
•(P7) Seafood (shrimp, squid, fish balls, and imatation crab)              $9.25
•(P8) Special –(briskets, round-eye, and Meatballs)                                 $9.25

VERMICILLI –  Cold Noodle         
Each noodle dish is served with your choice of meat over a bed of vermicelli, letuce, bean sprouts, carrots, & fish sauce (on the side) $8.25
•(N1) Grilled Beef
(N2) Chicken
 (N3) Pork                                                         
•(N4) Veggie and Tofu                                                                                               
•(N5) Grilled Shrimp    +$1.00                                                   
•(N6) Special – (bf, ck, pk, and shrimp)  +$1.00                                            

FRIED RICE –($8.25)  (eggs, soy sauce, peas, and carrot)
•(Y1) Chicken (Y2) Beef (Y3) Pork  (Y4 )Veg (Y5)Tofu                       
•(Y6) Shrimp Fried Rice  +$1.00                                                                             
•(Y9) Combo (ck,bf,pk,sh)     +$1.00                                                                                      

                white rice, slice cucumber, carrot, dikon and fish sauce (on the side).
                (Substitute Fried Rice – add $0.95)
•(S1) Grilled Beef                                                                                                     $8.25
•(S2) Grilled Chicken                                                                                              $8.25
•(S3) Grilled Pork                                                                                                     $8.25
•(S4) Grilled Shrimp                                                                                           $9.25
•(S6) Combo (ck,bf,pk,sh)                                                                                    $9.25
•(S7) Korean Ribs                                                                                                     $9.25

The Chinese Stuff –
              Serve w/  white rice and 1 eggroll.  (Substitute Fried Rice – add $0.95)
•(C1) Orange-ish chicken or Tofu                                                                               $7.95
•(C2) Seaseme-ish Chicken or Tofu                                                                           $7.95
•(C3) Sweet & Sour-ish  Chicken or Tofu                                                                $7.95
•(C4) Peppers Steak or Chicken or Tofu                                                                 $7.95
•(C5) Broccolis Beef or Chicken or Tofu                                                                $7.95
•(C6) Lo Mein (ck,bf,pork) (+1.00 shrimp or combo)

Misc. item
(x_x) Pad Thai  *one big serving
                 veg or Tofu  8.50 
                     ck or bf or pork 8.95
                           shrimp or seafood 9.50

did you know i started out as a Vietnamese Restaurant? >.<
for our full boba tea menu click on my boba tea menu (SEO skills yo)